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Application Areas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The P-NET Fieldbus has been used for many years, and more than 5000 applications are now in operation worldwide. Applications range from simple installations with a few I/O points, to very large and complex installations using many thousand I/O points. P-NET applications are found in the process industry environment and in discrete parts manufacturing plants. The following typical examples show where P-NET is currently installed and running: Dairies, breweries, environmental control in agriculture, animal feeding systems, asphalt and concrete production, textile industry, milk/oil/fertilizer distribution trucks, quality control systems, power plants, solar power plants, plastic moulding, ship engine control, tank management/alarm systems (approved by German Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Norske Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping), data acquisition, water supply, building automation, fuel management systems, (approved as legal for trade by PTB, NMI, NWML, ...). The typical P-NET application requires response times measured in ms, and a bus length up to one km or more. There are other types of applications which demand a response time measured in ìs. For these applications P-NET is not appropriate.